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<<<<If you see this boat on the water talk to John. The owner of The Original Billy Phillips' Lures, He just might have a free lure lying around for you or your kids to try. It Never hurts to ask. Thanks to all our customers and dealers for another great year.

At left is one of our customers that has kept his Tennessee Thrasher Buzz Jewel for 41 years. He was afraid he couldn't find any more if he lost it, he still used it to catch fish. Said he was worried each trip to the lake would be it's last. He was looking recently on the web and ran across what he called an "Awesome Sight". He found our website and found his 41 year old Buzz Jewels right where they have always been, here at "The Original Billy Phillips' Lures. After contacting me to share his story he ordered several new Tennessee Thrashers, I was very excited to give him a few free items for him believing in our product for so many years and wanting to share his story with our younger customers across the country.   
Here is  a picture of my 41 year old Tennessee Thrasher.
The skirt has been changed many times, and the blade bent and rebent. Bass, pike even muskies have eaten this lure, but it is still with me.
So happy to have found out the name after all these years. But it will always be my first buzz bait. I'm so excited that I found The Tennessee Thrasher!!! I bought my first and only one 41 years ago when I took a trip from Wisconsin to Cordell Hull in 1977. I watched 2 guy fishing them in the marina where I was staying. I had never seen a buzz bait before. I asked the guys where I could get one and they pointed to a small bait shop that 2 sister ran near the resort. I bought the last one that they had and have been catching fish on it ever since. I didn't know the name of the lure until today, and now I will never forget it.Thank you for keeping the lures going!
James Slivinski

We want to wish Greg Phillips the best of luck this November as he competes
in the Bass Nation Regional in Florence, Alabama. Greg is an avid bass angler and one of our sponsored guys. He is a local building contractor chasing the dream that only a few achieve. Go get another win Greg!! Thank you for your support and business!


The "JB-Shaker" !
A shaker Jig with a twist, it's built in swivel allows it to spin. This style helps in keeping fish on the hook and prevents line twist. Very weedless & EFFECTIVE!  


<<<Billy shows off his lures that put him the Bass Masters Classic Multiple TIMES thru his career!

Here at TOBPL!
We hope you can find a spinner bait or lure for your fishing needs. The Original Billy Phillips Lures is focused on providing quality service and products for our customers. Since 1967, when Billy himself started making handcrafted lures in his mothers garage in Jackson,Tennessee. Billy's legacy lives on, and we will continue making the lures just as he did from 1967 until 2008. We will do everything we can to meet your expectations in giving you the customer a choice in blades and colors. With a variety of options to choose from, we're sure you'll be happy working with us to build your order. Look around our website and if you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact us. We hope to see you again! Check back soon for lure updates and new pictures added to our website. There's much more to come in the future Months.

Dear Customers,

Due to the demand of these Legendary Lures being back on the market,we are going into our 5th year under new ownership and a total of 51 years in business. We are running daily and there may be some delays on certain items due to stock availability. We will do everything possible to process orders in a timely manner. Please feel free to contact us prior to ordering large quantities to save time on processing. Outdoor & Fishing Shows are coming up in the early Spring, we will be attending several shows across the mid south and east. 
If you don't see us at your local show, then just look for one of our dealers to make a purchase. 
2016-2017 Customer Offer!..If your local tackle shop would like to become a dealer? Just email me their information and I will send out a dealer packet. Once they become a dealer, you will receive a 10% discount off your next order. As we keep going more and more dealers are joining our distribution group, so ask your local tackle outlet to stock "The Original Billy Phillips Lures". 
"Thank You" for the support.
Good Fishing, 
The Original Billy Phillips Lures of Jackson, Tennessee. Maker of the  Little Jewel, Go-Go-Girl, Buzz Jewel, Sweet-Sue, Go-Daddy Buzzer, Double Whammy, Chatter Whammy, Sassy-Gal, Buzz-Whammy, Buzz-Devil, Tiny-Jewel, TT3000 & McNasty Baits are all trade-marks of The Original Billy Phillips Lures, which is owned and operated by John & Tammy McBride of Jackson, Tennessee. No reproduction of The Original Billy Phillips Lures shall be conducted without written and notarized consent of it's owners. 02/13/2013  TOBPL-670813-MJT



We are Proud supporters of The Special Needs  Athletics, The American Heart Association, Carl Perkins Child Abuse Center and many local youth programs.

Monthly Drawings!!
Every month we will be having monthly drawings for *FREE* merchandise!!
All you have to do is "LIKE" us on Facebook and your name will go into the drawing. Each winner will receive an "Instant Message" from us about their winnings and have until the date of the next drawing to claim their prize.
***This drawing is for the sole use of The Original Billy Phillips Lures" and it's customers, at no time will any person(s) or employees of TOBPL be liable for any damages or injury as a result of product given away. Products given away are done so as to be new products and will have parts that may cause bodily harm if caution not taken, lures will be given to anyone over the age of 16 and for anyone under the age of 16 that enters this drawing they should do so under their parent or guardian supervision. We reserve the right of refusal and termination of this drawing anytime. There is "NO" cost to enter, each customer will be entered once and remain until drawn or the contest promotion ends. 

           Congrats! to all our recent WINNERS and we hope you catch a limit!!


My daughter was hooked on the Go-Go Girl at an early age. This is what fishing is all about, good times and big smiles! When ever you can get the time, please take a kid fishing. I'm sure glad I did, she love's every minute of the day!

I don't think she would have ever thought that one day she would be selling and fishing the famous lures that made that pretty smile.

And here she is today. Still catching those bass with her favorite lure.... the Go-Go Girl!


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