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The Famous Little Jewel w/Colorado Blade
This bait help Billy qualify for two Bass Masters Classics.Can be fished in very shallow waters. This is the slowest retrievable spinner bait you will ever reel, it has an action like no other. Giver it a try and you will see why it's a " Little Jewel" *See standard options below!!
Price: $3.99
1/4oz. Famous Little Jewel with Nickel or Gold Colorado Blade:
Substitute Blade Option:
3/16 oz. Little Jewel
Has same characteristics as the 1/4oz. Little Jewel, only thing it's a bit smaller.
Price: $3.99
3/16oz. Little Jewel w/ Nickel or Gold Blades:
1/8 oz. Tiny Jewel
Same characteristics as the other Little Jewels just very small, about the size of a matchbox. A Great Crappie Bait!!
Price: $3.59
Tiny Jewel 1/8oz.:
Substitute Blade Option:
Magnum Little Jewel with Willow Blades
5/8oz. Model Little Jewel with #5 Willow Blades. Is the slowest retrievable spinner bait you will tie on your line. This lure can be retrieved using the slowest of gear ratio reels (Example: Zebco 33) A must for schooling fish.
Price: $4.39
Substitute Blade Option:
Tandem Little Jewel
A real nice shallow water bait with double blades. They come in several color options & Blade combos.
Price: $4.10
Tandem Colorado Little Jewel :
Substitute Blade Options:
Twin Time Little Jewel
This is a double bladed Little Jewel, works just as the Famous Little Jewel, just has twin blades, comes with willow, Indiana or Colorado blades. Will make those bass see double! Can be retrieved in very shallow water at a very slow speed.
Price: $4.39
Side by Side Willow or Indiana Blades:
Skirt Options :
Twin Time Little Jewel
Same as the original Twin Time only with a painted head comes in over 8 colors.
Price: $4.39
Skirt Options:
Little Jewel (Painted Head)
Same as any of the original Little Jewels only these will have painted heads in over 8 colors.
Price: $3.99
Painted Head Little Jewel PHLJ100-:
Head &amp; Skirt Options:
The Famous Legendary 1/2oz. Buzz Jewel w/GOLD Prop
With the planing style jewel head this buzz bait does the job. It can be retrieved slowly and pops up fast to surface. Comes in other skirt colors by special request, standard colors are listed.
Price: $5.99
Legendary Buzz Jewel with Large BPL Gold Plated Prop:
Famous Buzz Jewel w/Nickel or Black Nickel Props
Famous Buzz Jewel
Price: $5.29
Famous 1/2 oz. Buzz Jewel :
Short Arm Buzz Jewel
This is a compact buzz jewel that packs a punch. Has same details as the 1/2oz. It comes in 3 Blade Colors,(Nickel, Gold or Black Nickel) Blades are the smaller version of the BPL Prop. Comes in over 12 skirt colors.
Price: $4.29
1/4oz. Famous Buzz Jewel :
Substitute Prop Option:
Buzz Jewel w/Clacker Blade
Buzz Jewel that has a clacker blade for disturbing hawgs into busting the surface. It comes in over 12 colors with plated BPL Prop.
Price: $4.29
1/4oz. Buzz Jewel w/Clacker Blade:
Substitute Prop Option:
Tiny Buzz Jewel w/Clacker
Same Tiny Buzz Jewel only this one has a clacker for added sound. Comes in many options.
Price: $3.95
LJBZ18CK- -w/ALum Prop &amp; Clacker:
Substitute Prop Option:
Tiny Buzz Jewel
A small piece of DYNOMITE! a favorite among many fishermen across the country. This little jewel buzzer will bring in the fish most anytime. Comes in many options.
Price: $3.95
LJBZ18- w/Alum Props:
Substitute Prop Option:
Tennessee Thrasher Buzz Jewel
This the one Billy Started with and used along with the round head Go-Go Girl to qualify for the 1976 Bass Masters Classic. It comes in one size and prop colors are Rose gold, silver and Bronze. Over 12 Skirt colors!!
Price: $4.10
The Classic Qualifying Lure. 1/4oz. Tennessee Thrasher:
Substitute Prop Option:
Twin Time Buzz Jewel
This was one of the first twin prop buzzers on the market, Billy made this design in the 70's and it has been catching bass ever since. It has the trademark buzz jewel head, with twin counter rotating aluminum props. This lure can be retrieved slower than most due to its design. Clackers can be added for that special sound. Comes in over 12 colors. with 5 blade colors.
Price: $4.39
Comes twin counter rotating Aluminum Props :
Super Slow Buzz Jewel
A Buzz Jewel with a matched size Lexan Plastic Prop makes it fast to plane and slow to retrieve stays on top and in strike zone longer, with Lazer Sharp hook. Comes in three sizes.
Price: $3.95
Super Slow LX Buzz Jewel:
Enter Option Name:
Go-Daddy Buzzer
A buzz bait with a large aluminum props with or without clackers. It can be retrieved slow and steady. comes in 2 sizes, ,1/4 & 1/2 oz. also in listed stock colors.
Price: $3.85
Great Aluminum Prop Buzzer! With Bullet Heads in 1/4oz. :
Pop Choices::
"Stick'em" Buzz Bait w/Aluminum Prop And Nickel Body
It has a shimmy action, that makes the fish stay buttoned once hooked. The bass hit this bait with anger and smash it. Tested and proven by our staff to catch'em! Comes in stock colors.
Price: $3.69
Nickel Model:
"Stick'em" Buzz Bait w/Gold Body & Prop
It has a shimmy action, that makes the fish stay buttoned once hooked. The bass hit this bait with anger and smash it. Tested and proven by our staff to catch'em! Comes in stock colors.
Price: $3.89
Gold Blade Model:
Buzz Whammy "RS"
A small compact buzz bait used mainly on "Doodle" or "Long"poles and fished across grass matts and around brush.
Price: $3.85
Buzz Whammy With Large 4 Blade Lexan Prop:
Prop Option :
Chatter Whammy "RS"
Since the mid 70's. It's a Double Whammy with a shaky- twist, it's very exciting to fish once you get used to the proper action, works great around flooded brush.
Price: $3.80
1/4oz.Chatter Whammy Nickel/Nickel with Original Rubber Skirts:
Body &amp; Blade Options:
Double Whammy "RS" GOLD
These Double Whammy's come with Gold Bellie and Spinner Blades in the colors listed. Bass Love these lures all across the country and have since 1967.
Price: $3.95
1/4oz. w/Gold Bellie and Spinner Blades w/Original Rubber or Silicone Skirts:
Size Options: :
Double Whammy "RS" NICKEL
Double Whammy lives up to it's name, when fish hit this lure the fight is on! It comes in listed colors.
Price: $3.90
1/4oz. Model with Nickel Plated Bellie and Spinner blades w/Original Rubber or Silicone Skirts:
Size Options::
Double Whammy RS Pro-Combos
The Legendary DW400 with a removable skirt with Gold Bellie and Spinner blades.
Price: $3.95
Stock Number-Description::
Skirt Colors::
Large Double Whammy RS
This is just like the regular DW400RS except it's twice the size. Same great fish catching action and color options.
Price: $3.99
Stock Number/Description::
Skirt Colors::
Double Whammy Original Style
The Legendary DW400 just like the originals since 1967. Has the welded rear-end so the skirt can't be changed out.
Price: $3.99
Stock Number-Description::
Skirt Colors::
Bullet Head Go-Go Girl
This girl comes with a single blade combo and sizes of 1/4,3/8 or 1/2oz. Willow or Colorado Blades for Thumping action that can't be beat!!!
Price: $3.79
Bullet head Go-Go Girls :
Substitute Blade Option:
Tandem Willow Go-Go Girl Tear Drop Head Head
This Bait comes with Hammered Nickel & Gold willow blades, has a Red Head that drives the fish wild in stained water comes in the colors and sizes listed.
Price: $4.25
Minnow Head Go-Go Girls:
Tandem Go-Go-Girl
This babe comes with double Colorado blades, in over 12 colors, in 4 weights and 3 head styles. A must for every tackle box!!!
Price: $4.25
Tandem Colorado Blades :
Color Combos:
Tandem Go-Go Girl
Tandem Colorado & Willow spinner bait that will catch them in many conditions. Choose blade combo and Skirt colors in options 1&2.
Price: $4.79
Blade Combo&gt;:
Skirt Color&gt;:
"M&M" Round Head Go-Go Girl with Gold #4 Colorado
Bait is small & compact to match the hatch. Comes in 1/4 oz, in stock colors, don't let the size fool you, it can handle the big ones too!
Price: $4.05
Original Round Head Go-Go Girl Spinnerbait:
Blade Options:
Flex Arm M&M Head
This is a lure Billy's good friend Tony came up with for extra vibration in a compact bait. It's must for anyone's tackle box. These are made just as Billy made them years ago. aka Weed Eater Bait
Price: $3.99
with Gold #4 Colorado:
Blade Options:
Tandem Willow 1/4oz Round Head
Small compact 1/4oz GoGo Girl with Tandem Willows (Painted Blade Model Shown)
Price: $4.05
Tandem Nickel Willow Blades:
Blade Options:
Go-Go Girl w/Nickel Blade
Back By Demand!! It's just like the 1/4oz. except a bit heavier. Comes in our standard colors, with a Thumping 4.5 Colorado Blade or use option #2 for your choice of blades.***Shown in "Sassy Gal" trailer is for display only!
Price: $4.19
Nickel Colorado Model(s) :
Blade Options::
Go-Go Girl w/Gold Blade
Back By Demand!! It's just like the 1/4oz. except a bit heavier. Comes in our standard colors, with a Thumping 4.5 Colorado Blade or use option #2 for your choice of blades.***Shown in "Sassy Gal" trailer is for display only!
Price: $4.29
Gold Model (s)::
Blade Options::
"M&M" Round Head Large Go-Go Girl
This a medium arm 1/2oz bait that will jack some jaws.It comes in one size but can have most any single blade we carry added, comes in over 12 colors.
Price: $4.29
Stock # and Colorado Blade Options::
Skirt Color::
Quad Go Go Girl
This is the all purpose go-go girl with 4 willow blades to mimic a small group of bait fish, it can be made with choice of skirts colors and willow combos.
Price: $4.99
Blades Are Mixed Hammered Nickel &amp; Gold:
Blade Options::
McNasty Crappie
Has Tandem hammered willow blades with a crappie colored skirts and large 5/0 hook. Is a fall must have lure.
Price: $4.89
McNasty with Hammered Nickel Willow Blades:
Blade Options::
Buzz Devil
An inline buzz bait that is designed for doodle poles to be fished by tight line methods in close quarters. Great around flooded bushes, Grass mats and docks.
Price: $3.65
Comes with Lg Hook and Color Matched with Prop:
Sweet Sue Jig
This is a nice "Go To" lure when those fish are buried up in the brush. This jig type lure can be used to bring out the most stubborn bass. It comes with a #4 Colorado blade in many color choices, see catalog pages.
Price: $3.65
3/8oz. Sweet Sue Jig with #4 colorado Nickel or Gold Hammered Blade:
Sweet Sue Jig in 1/2oz.
Has the same characteristics as the 3/8 oz. but this one has a #5 Blade
Price: $3.65
The Original "Rubber" Skirts
These are the skirts that everyone loves on their Billy Phillips Baits, made of 100% rubber and come in most of the colors listed on the skirts page.
Price: $1.05
The Original 100% Rubber Skirts (40 Strands):
Silicone/ Bio-Silk Skirts
Silicone skirts with a collar "not a band"...They come in all the colors listed.
Price: $1.10
Silicone/Bio-Silk Skirts:
"SR" Go-Go Girl
The SR Go-Go is a different spinnerbait, it has 3-arms with small willows on the side arms and either Willows or Indiana blade combo's comes in nickel or gold blades. This bait got it's name from my good friend Seth Roten, he was all about trying different baits. After his passing I just saw it fir to honor him with this great lure..resembles a mini bait fish ball.
Price: $4.99
"SR" Go-Go
SR with Indian Main Blade in Gold or Nickel
Price: $4.99
Night Time GoGo
An awesome night bait with plenty of thump! Comes in Teardrop or Minnow head style only.
Price: $4.49
Black/Red In Color :
Blade Options::
McNasty RIG
Yes it's a five wire umbrella rig. Has a stationary line tie, with a lead head, wires are .035 stainless and comes in 5 & 10 Blade Models. The one pictured is the 5B willow combo.
Price: $11.99
Willow Blade Combos :
Head Color :
A new shaker jig with a twist, comes in Bass catching colors as of now, more coming in the months ahead, it's a shaker jig that has an implanted 100# swivel in the nose to prevent line twist and keep fish on the hook. It comes with a weed guard and a lazer sharp hook. Comes two Head styles Poison and Snootier 5/0 or 6/0 Red Hooks. 1/2, 5/8 & 3/4 oz sizes available. A must for any tackle box.
Price: $4.29
Color Choices in Banded Bio-Silk Skirts:
Size Options:
McNasty Jig (Wide Gap Hook)
A good all around jig. Can be flipped, pitched or swim it. With wide gap hook. comes in 1/2 & 3/8oz.
Price: $3.29
McNasty Jigs :
Size Options::
McNasty Jig (Standard Hook)
A good all around jig. Can be flipped, pitched or swim it. With gap hook. Comes in 1/2 & 3/8oz.
Price: $2.89
McNasty Jigs:
Size Options::
McNasty Jig (Large Jig Hook)
A good all around jig. Can be flipped, pitched or swim it. With wide gap hook. Comes in 1/2 & 3/8oz.
Price: $3.10
size options:
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You will receive a TOBPL Light weight (Wick Material) Jersey, 1-Boat/Truck Decal, 4-Free Lures of your Choice and a 10% discount card to use for purchases for one year. Discount
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Price: $80.00
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